• General Practice Dr. Kiran Mirle Ramegowda
  • General Practice Dr. Mirielsa Ruiz

Doctors Corner

Doctors Corner is a new General practice in the area dedicated to your healthcare. We are fully owned and operated by our doctors. Our aim is to provide the highest quality patient care. We are fully accredited through AGPAL. All our doctors are trained in general practice to specialist level, and we pride ourselves on our high clinical standards. We are a growing, inclusive, compassionate practice and provide continuity of care to all ages. We have a well-equipped treatment area that can deal with many investigations and procedures that might otherwise need hospital care. We ensure quality care whilst maintaining privacy. Our highly skilled support staff includes a practice manager, receptionists, and registered nurses. We have ample toilets (ambulant and disabled toilets) to cater to our patients only.

Meet our experienced Health Professionals

We are very proud of our team here at Doctors Corner and we believe we will continue to grow and build upon those existing health professionals along with our practice and we invite you to become a part of that journey with us.

Dr. Kiran Mirle Ramegowda

General Practitioner

Dr Mirielsa Ruiz

Dr. Mirielsa Ruiz


Different Approach

At Doctors Corner we like to think that we stand out from the crowd, we are based in Bedford, which is a well established community and we hope to bring a feeling of inclusivity where your health needs are tended to with compassion and care. Having been in Perth in excess of 17 years Dr Kiran is well equipped to deal with all aspects of General Practice. We have no doubt that this surgery will continue to grow and develop and meet your expectations.

General Practice

General Practice is such a varied and expansive part of what our doctors and nurses do here at Doctors Corner. It encompasses so much it cannot be described as any one thing. Having a practitioner who is always engaged in learning, keeping up to date with the latest in health care, one who understands that every person and the approach to their healthcare is different, this is why we know that we are able to always give our patients the very best advice.

Child Health

Pediatrics makes up a large percentage of general practice given that children and babies are usually seen most by a general practitioner in their formative years. Our practice is here to deliver exceptional child health care, we offer childhood immunisations, diet and feeding advice, general health checks, behavioural issues, mental health, chronic disease management along with general advice. We try to make every effort to accommodate sick children on the day, so please call if there are no bookings online.

Skin Cancer

Australians and most importantly West Australians are subject to the harsh rays of the sun. Here in Perth, we are lucky to be blessed with an inordinate amount of sun, yet more often we forget about the harm that the sun can cause if we forget to cover up, or more importantly slip, slop, slap. Here at Doctors Corner, we offer skin checks that will expose the more damaging affects that the sun has had on your body, this can be the areas that most people tend to forget, including ears and also the head area. If required, our doctor can also perform biopsies and minor procedures.

Women’s Health

Our practitioners understand the needs of women and therefore is able to offer a holistic approach to women’s health. We can offer advice and counselling in all areas of health and are able to refer to those who are able to engage in the best care for the optimal outcome. Women’s Health is a very broad area and we are able to help with all aspects including but not limited to, cervical care and screening, mental health, skin care, maternity, drugs and alcohol dependency, weight gain and loss, eating disorders and also chronic disease management.

Chronic Pain

Here at Doctors Corner we are able to consult with patients who suffer from Chronic Pain. There are many ways in which people deal with Chronic Pain. We have a holistic approach and engage our patient in the care. Not everyone is the same and therefore the treatment may differ patient to patient. What works for one may not necessarily work for another. Alternate treatment is also considered, and our doctors are very open minded around the Cannabis consulting and prescriptions. Patients will need to remember that our doctors will not prescribe drugs of addictions.

Chronic Disease Management

Doctors Corner is pleased to advise that we are enthusiastic about helping you with your chronic care. Most people do not understand what this is and why there is the need to manage it. Chronic Disease sounds ominous but it is more often broken down into much simpler terms, Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Asthma, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), Cystic Fibrosis, Heart Disease, Cancer to name a few. Our approach is to engage a care plan with allied health professionals to help if your care plan requires. This plan is to help you manage your illness and the ultimate goal is to minimise the risk of hospitalisation, encouraging you to be on top of your health at all times and to be as compliant as you can. In this we as a team can achieve the best outcome and help you to live your best life.

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